The Traverse City to Charlevoix Trail is now known as The Nakwema Trailway.

The Vision

Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting

November 1, 2018

A Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting was held on November 1, 2018 in the Old Council Chamber in Elk Rapids. Representatives attended from Antrim County, Antrim County Road Commission, Elk Rapids Township, Village of Elk Rapids, Elk Rapids DDA, Grand Traverse County Road Commission, Acme Township, Michigan Department of Transportation, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and stakeholders representing agriculture, business, conservation, and recreation. The goal of the meeting was to assess issues and opportunities that may inform trail design and to identify plans, projects, activities or services that may relate to the trail’s use, design, and development. The meeting included a project update from TART Trails, an assessment of the proposed alternative routes by the engineering consultant, and breakout discussions. A summary of input from the meeting is provided below.

View a summary of the Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting here.