Acme ↔ Elk Rapids

This section of trail will begin at Bayside Park and continue north along the west side of US-31 to the Village of Elk Rapids. The trail will link into existing public lands and showcase the areas agricultural heritage. From Acme to the southern Village boundary, the trail is planned as a separated shared-use trail.  

Schematic Design was completed for this segment up to the southern limit of the Village of Elk Rapids in June 2019 (view the final report here). Design Development continues to be underway in 2021. This work will also include plans for crossing the US-31/M-72 intersection to connect Bayside Park and the trail with the Acme Connector Trail segment.

The Village of Elk Rapids identified and approved a trail route through the Village in July 2020. The in-town route will be shared roadway through the Village. View the approved route map here. Please visit the Village of Elk Rapids website for more information:

Design Engineering: In process