Acme Connector Trail Campaign

Making Connections In and Around Acme

The 1.8 mile Acme Connector will connect the TART Trail and Acme, providing safe access to businesses, existing trails, and recreation opportunities.

As we invest in our pristine shoreline and preserving our unique agricultural heritage, non-motorized infrastructure providing safe access to our region’s remarkable assets is essential. Trail users will benefit from improved mental and physical health, and enhanced quality of life. Even those who don’t use the trails benefit through the economic, environmental, and public health benefits they provide. 

Stay tuned to find out how you can help us build the Acme Connector, an asset that will contribute to community livability and enhance regional identity.‚Äč

The Trail

Trail planning and design have been spearheaded by the Acme Township Parks and Trails committee in partnerships with TART Trails. When completed  the Acme Connector will include: 

  • asphalt and boardwalk trail segments
  • shared road segments
  • a culvert
  • a bridge
  • landscaping
  • wayfinding signage
  • and trailside amenities including benches and bike racks 

Included in the project budget is a maintenance endowment. Properly maintained, the trail is expected to last 20+ years. Construction of the Acme Connector is slated to begin Fall 2021.